Soft Memories 3

How about a touch of color to start the week off right. Throughout the year in Barcelona there are dozens of special days and celebrations which convert streets and ramblas into open-air markets. There is no way we can stay at home when there are so many bargains around the corner!

Barna Graffiti 3

It looks like Heraclitus got his inspiration from Barcelona when he said that nothing endures but change. The city is growing at a staggering pace. Everyday old factories are walled up, and new buildings crop up all over the place. At least people do not get bored when walking their dogs.

Carbon Copy 2

Every time I go back to a given neighborhood, I find small or big changes. However, the urban landscape evolves at a slower pace than human telltale signs of life. Reality drifts by at a steady pace. Even the smallest details of our daily lives are always different, and never repeat themselves in the exact […]

Souls of Barcelona 2

Here is the “Hospital Sant Pau” which was designed by the Catalan architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. If you like modernist art, the visit of this complex is a must. After years of intensive work it has been restored to its former glory. Today Sant Pau is no longer a hospital but a world-acclaimed Knowledge […]