Colorful Barcelona 6

This past weekend, temperatures dropped sharply in Catalonia. We are far from the cold weather they are experiencing in Northern Europe or Canada, but from the Montseny mountain one could admire the Pyrenees powdered with snow. In Barcelona the golden light of the sun heightens tones and colors, and urges us to go out in […]

Soft Memories 7

Globalization is here to stay, and one can find in Barcelona the exact same chain stores as in New York, Paris or Tokyo. However, unlike other cities which have lost their charm in the process, Barcelona boasts shops which have been around for decades and fashionable stores where one can find products grown or made […]

Candy City 8

You probably think that washing your clothes and hanging them out to dry is a simple task. In Barcelona there is almost always some wind blowing, and this basic house chore can be a real challenge. Nine times out of ten, you find your sheets tangled up on the clothesline like rolled tortillas, and just […]

Candy City 7

Barcelona is a versatile city where tourists never get bored. Tibidabo, which is the highest point of the Cosserola mountain, is famous for its panoramic views. It is home to a popular amusement park which opened in 1901, and still draws hordes of people of all ages. One of my favorite rides is the airplane […]