Stardust 17

Dead leaves fascinate me because they create intricate patterns of an incredible variety. Their ephemeral beauty has inspired poets and painters alike, not to mention fashion designers. Today’s picture plays around with grey and copper tones for a change.

Stardust 16

Since the end of the economic downturn, the Barcelona neighborhood of El Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou has been going through a total makeover. This area which was completely transformed at the time of the Summer Olympics of 1992 is changing at a rapid pace. Instead of being restored, most old factories of the […]

Stardust 12

Located across from the Montjuïc hill, the harbor of Barcelona occupies all the south side of the city. It includes various areas: one for pleasure boats, one for cruisers, another one for cargo ships and a huge section devoted to container ships. Here we can see the Estació del Morrot.